BekaertDeslee receives six Interzum Awards

BekaertDeslee's six awards demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, which is reflected in our products.

Today, innovative ideas, high-performance materials and advanced technologies determine our success. All these newly developed products are presented at Interzum, the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design.

We are proud to announce that BekaertDeslee has won not one, but six awards. These awards demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, which is reflected in our products.

The Best of the Best Award for SmartSleeve, a circular mattress protector that offers transparency to both consumers and recyclers and the High Product Quality award for Camille, the Zipperless Cover, Purotex⁺ powered by HeiQ AllergenTech, Designed for Disassembly (DfD) – Partnership with Resortecs and Recycled yarns from post-production waste.

We are dedicated to creating innovative products that promote sustainability and look forward to continuing to lead the industry for a better tomorrow.

A Best of the Best award for SmartSleeve

The SmartSleeve is a circular mattress protector that offers transparency to both consumers and recyclers. It features a QR code on a transparent label that provides detailed information about the product's materials and composition.

The cover is made using SEAQUAL YARN, a sustainable material created from plastic waste from the ocean. The product also features Purotex+ technology, which reduces exposure to allergens, and Adaptive technology that responds to temperature changes to create a cool and dry sleep environment. The Cairfull 3-dimensional cross structure creates a ventilating layer of air for improved air circulation. The SmartSleeve is easily detachable and machine washable at 40° degrees.

Five High Products Quality awards

Camille, the interchangeable cover solution that adapts to your personal needs

Camille is a cover with a range of interchangeable top panels that offers a solution for every mood you're in, composed on the basis of textile technologies adapted to personal needs.

With its zippered top panel, the mattress function can easily be changed without flipping it. The product aims to provide a full ecosystem of different functions, from cool to cozy or anti-allergen top panels. Additionally, Camille is a sustainable option as it allows the consumer to replace only the top panel instead of the entire mattress, and it can be easily cleaned in a washing machine.

Zipperless Cover: designed for recycling

Mattress covers face recyclability challenges due to metal zipper components, but designing covers as a 100% PES mono-material can solve this issue. The Zipperless Cover eliminates the zipper and maintains a cost-efficient design with a folded closure. This design allows for recyclability and reduced carbon emissions at end-of-life.

The game-changing solution for allergens

Pillow and mattresses contain allergens after 6 months of use, affecting about 40% of the global population. In the US, 90% of bedrooms have at least three detectable allergens.

Purotex+ powered by HeiQ Allergen Tech is a 100% biobased solution that reduces exposure to allergens, including house dust mite matter and pet allergens, with active probiotics. The technology has received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and independent testing has shown it reduces exposure to inanimate allergens by up to 96.6%.

Innovative cover recycling solution

Only 1% of textiles are currently recycled, with recycling becoming more challenging for products made of multiple components like mattresses. The textile cover of a mattress, for instance, may have non-recyclable components such as labels.

BekaertDeslee and Resortecs have teamed up to provide an innovative recycling solution using Resortecs' Smart Stitch™ heat-dissolvable threads. This allows for easy disassembly of the cover at end-of-life using Resortecs' low-emissions Smart Disassembly™ thermal systems, resulting in a cost-efficient solution that reduces waste and separates recyclable materials.

Recycled yarns from post-production waste

Textile waste is a global issue, with 48 million tons discarded annually, often ending up in dump sites, burned or washed into the sea, causing harm to people and the planet.

BekaertDeslee is committed to preserving the environment and addressing the predicted 70% increase in waste streams by 2050. In 2023, we will launch yarns made from their own post-production waste, using an ERP system to sort and recycle PES waste into virgin-quality yarns. These yarns contribute to the circular economy, prevent landfill and textile incineration, and have a lower carbon footprint than oil-based virgin polyester yarns.