At our lab, we foster research and experimentation to make textiles that can stand the test of time, improve sleep and meet expectations. Our scientists push the limits of technology to engineer solutions that enhance sleep quality for all. Our minds are buzzing so that yours can rest peacefully at night, with the promise of the highest health, comfort, hygiene and safety standards.

Our solutions

We have combined our technologies into ready solutions: the need-driven concepts you can draw inspiration from or simply use for your final products.
mattress textile knitting machine

Our latest developments

In order to continuously provide you with the latest technological advancements, we spend our time at our Lab inventing and testing all kinds of innovations. Always with an eye on the highest health, comfort, hygiene and safety standards.

Yarn development

To consistently deliver cutting-edge advancements, our Lab dedicates time to inventing and testing various yarn innovations. Prioritizing the highest standards in health, comfort, hygiene, and safety, we meticulously shape the future of yarn development.

Interested in our newest solutions and innovations?