About us

At BekaertDeslee, creatives work together with scientists to develop textiles that have both desirable look and advanced functionalities. That’s how we create innovative, technology-driven solutions that inspire and make us all dream about bigger and better things, bringing creativity, science and responsibility together. Because we understand that these are not merely products but also valuable contributions to your business and the lives of our sleeping consumers.

At the heart of BekaertDeslee

At BekaertDeslee, our commitment to you goes beyond the fabrics you sleep on. Our global locations mirror the strength found in unity, celebrating the diversity that defines us. Our people, our greatest asset, embody expertise, creativity, and knowledge. Explore the heart of who we are as we delve into our story.

Empowering dreams of all sizes

As a leader in our market, we want to encourage others to think big. Because so many things are waiting under the covers. That’s why we set our sights on big thinkers as well as small wishes. Because whether you go for an unseen innovation or a ready-to-use option, we have a listening ear and brainstorm partner at the ready.

Textiles that take responsibility for the planet and your sleep

Throughout our entire business structure, we hold ourselves accountable. Taking responsibility, from people to planet, right down to the smallest details. Our journey involves exploring how innovative textile technologies can play a role in reducing our company’s ecological footprint, as well as yours. Enhancing both sleep quality and overall quality of life.

We have everything we need to perfect both the aesthetic and the technological aspects. When creatives and scientists work together, advanced textiles are created.

Products that inspire and respond to industry, customer and end-customer needs. Always tailored. Always with a soft touch.


We explore the fibers and smallest components that intricately influence the quality of your sleep. And we do so according to the needs of your specific customers. That’s why our services also include advice and consultancy.

We are a true two-way company that embraces close collaboration. It is through this approach that we are able to cultivate innovative, technology-driven solutions.


To keep up with the latest trends in our market and to continue to inspire you, we constantly delve into everything our industry has to offer. Together with you, we then weave innovation and idea into a design that excites both you and your customers.

If one of our ready-to-use designs appeals to you, fantastic! Not everything has to be customized to the last detail, you have a hand in the creative process.

Join us

As a continuously growing organization, we are always looking for motivated and talented people who are eager to join the BekaertDeslee family.

Interested to find out more about our career opportunities?