We are a team of over 4000 employees, located all around the globe. As a proud member of the leading German family equity holding Haniel, we think big, but go small to inspire, serve and help our customers in the best way possible. We cover an estimated 150.000 mattresses with fabrics every day of the year, from New York to Sydney, from Helsinki to Cape Town. Our passion is to provide sustainable textile solutions and enable our planet to sleep better.

An Innovative & Passionate Work Environment

At BekaertDeslee, we pride ourselves on being a company filled with creative and innovative people. People who push their boundaries and are not afraid to take risks.

We encourage our employees to bring in their creativity and own ideas into their work and we are extremely passionate about changing the sleep industry.

Join us in this dynamic environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals dedicated to excellence and innovation!

BekaertDeslee manager with customers at Interzum
International BekaertDeslee team at ISPA

Workplace & Culture

We are fortunate to have a diverse and highly engaged team, coming from various backgrounds. Despite our global presence, we operate as one company, sharing common values and promoting a culture of openness, active involvement, and continuous improvement.

Our people are the heartbeat of the organization, and our goal is to make their work experience joyful and exciting. Next to our dedicated work ethic, we foster a sense of unity through various events that bring our employees together. We believe that building connections is an essential part to the overall health and success of our company.

Training & Development

We are committed to empowering our employees to reach their fullest potential. Whether through on-the-job and digital training opportunities for technical staff or leadership development programs tailored for people managers, we invest in fostering professional growth.

With a focus on diversity and individual needs, we ensure that each team member can contribute meaningfully to our success and is well-equipped for the challenges of the future!

Textured blue fabric on a panel supported by hands of BekaertDeslee employee

Our employees are our greatest asset. Let them speak for us.

Hiring process

APPLY: Apply to our vacancies with a few clicks. Upload your CV and/or cover letter, and our recruiters will guide you through the next steps.
MEET: Connect with us! Learn more about BekaertDeslee and the role, and discuss your professional background with us.
FEEDBACK: After review, we'll provide clear feedback on the job fit. If it's right, welcome aboard! If not, let's stay in touch for future opportunities.

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