Reporting Ethical Concerns

How are potential compliance incidents reported? 

BekaertDeslee initiated a partnership with Speak Up®, an external whistleblower line created and maintained by PeopleIntouch. If you suspect something is wrong, this external helpline may help you to really speak up. Problems that can be reported range from fraud, over bullying, to code of conduct breaches. Shortly stated: Speak Up® is here to help you report unethical behavior regarding BekaertDeslee. 

The platform offers you the possibility to reach out to them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach them through the web, via your phone or through their app. What makes Speak Up® even more accessible, is that you can reach out to them in your own language. We kindly ask you to respect the following communication flow. First, please try to contact one of the following persons within BekaertDeslee: the CEO, the CFO, CHRO, the BekaertDeslee Group Compliance Officer or the BekaertDeslee Group Legal Counsel. 

If the first is not an option and you want to submit your report anonymously, you can direct your concern to Speak Up®, an external whistleblower platform. You can see how you can contact them through the image below.

When you report something to Speak Up®, your case will get a case number. With this case number, you can consult the status and feedback concerning your reported issue through your concern reporting in the Speak Up®-system. 

How is my anonymity guaranteed?

First of all, Speak Up® is a platform operated by People Intouch, an organisation outside of BekaertDeslee. People Intouch is an independent, Dutch company that transcribes and translates your message and sends the company a typed word-for-word transcript of what you have said. People Intouch are responsible for processing all messages. Not only BekaertDeslee, but other globally established companies make use of the platform. 

Secondly, BekaertDeslee has no access to the connection data. Phone details or IP-addresses will never be handed over to BekaertDeslee. However, if you are using a BekaertDeslee device (computer, telephone, ...), it could be that we trace user information. You can always use a public or non-identifiable telephone or computer to prevent this.

Lastly, if you make a phone call, your voice will not be heard. The Speak Up®-system is operated by People Intouch. They process your phone call and deliver a transcript of what is said, so you can not be identified through your phone call.

Why do we report potential compliance incidents? 

BekaertDeslee is a company that wants to do things the right way. Ethical business behavior is embedded in BekaertDeslee's core values and Code of Conduct. If something is damaging the reputation of the company, we want to know this right away. When we know this as early as possible, we can investigate the matter first, and take action. This is why we ask external stakeholders to Speak Up® as well! This way, we aim to live by our five core values.

Who can I contact first?

Below is an overview of the people you should try to contact first, if you want to report a (potential) compliance incident. They will address your concern with priority, respect confidentiality and start an investigation. If you feel uncomfortable to contact one of the BekaertDeslee contact persons listed below because the case is too sensitive, you can anonymously file the complaint via through the external whistleblower platform Speak Up®.


How do I reach Speak Up®?

Below you can find the contact details regarding the different areas around the world. You can contact the relevant external people through the URL below. They each have their own language options and require the attached access code.