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At BekaertDeslee, we challenge ourselves every day to develop high performing sleep products and innovative textile technologies. We offer a complete range of sleep solutions to improve the quality of sleep for each of you.

For a better tomorrow.

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Today, we’re on a journey to discover how we can do more.  
How our products can become part of a circular economy and  
how innovative textile technologies can do their part in  
reducing our ecological footprint. 
It’s a journey to discover how we can not only 
improve quality of sleep, but also quality of life. 
We’re contributing to a better world. 
Step by step. 
Day by day. 
Product by product. 
We invite you to join us on our journey to a safe and healthy future. 
To create a place where it’s good to sleep, work and live. 
To ensure all of you a good night’s rest today 
and build a better world for the children of tomorrow. 
Let’s do more. 
Let’s go beyond together. 
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Sustainability management

Sustainability has become a key pillar to realize BekaertDeslees growth ambitions and lead the way in terms of business success and responsible business. 
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Sustainable products

BekeartDeslee actively works on sustainable products for which we know we will still be able to provide them on the longer term, looking to 2050 &Beyond.
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Climate action

Climate change impact in particular is one of the key concerns of the coming decades and poses a risk for our business for further growth and development.
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Circular economy

In a world of scarcity BekaertDeslee wants to become a true leader in the preservation of resources in its business model.
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