Do good, sleep well

SEAQUAL® YARN embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship and a good night's sleep. Crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, sourced from SEAQUAL® Marine Plastic by the Seaqual Initiative, this yarn transforms ocean waste into high-quality, sustainable fibers. Each certified fabric carries a unique Seaqual Textile Certification Number, ensuring transparency and traceability.

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Unmatched quality with a purpose

SEAQUAL® YARN stands out not just for its sustainability but also for its exceptional quality. Boasting physical properties almost identical to virgin polyester, the yarn is available in a diverse range of sizes and finishes. It contains approximately 10% SEAQUAL® Marine Plastic (from plastic marine litter), the remaining 90% is post-consumer PET from land sources.

A sea of change, one thread at a time

By choosing SEAQUAL® products, you contribute to cleaning our oceans. With 200 tons of marine litter transformed into Seaqual® Marine Plastic and 600 tons of waste removed, this initiative unites over 60 countries in the battle for a cleaner planet. Together, we champion local communities and promote a circular economy. 

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