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Sleep fresh, healthy and safe!

Every mattress is a hotbed for microscopic life, and in some bedrooms the presence of bacteria and house dust mites goes without question. A sleeping body is an easy target, but VIRASE™ is an all-in-one hygiene solution for your mattress and pillow covers, and will be your first line of defence for a fresh and healthy sleep environment.

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No more microscopic intrusions

VIRASE™ is an all-in-one and safe-for-sleep textile treatment that creates a hostile environment for bacteria and house dust mites, while being completely safe to humans. On top of that, it helps fight the spread of viral infections, creating a fresh, safe and healthy sleep environment.

Healthy night's rest

While VIRASE™ creates a hostile environment towards bacteria, mold and house dust mites, it is entirely safe for humans. Because health is important to us, we put our VIRASE™ technology through several medical tests, which have shown that is non-toxic, and even friendly to your skin.

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