Sleep on air

Did you know that your bed has its own microclimate? The quality of your duvet and the sleep surface determine your feeling of comfort. Both have to be breathable and have to allow air to flow. CAIRFULL™ is a revolutionary sleeping technology that provides extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience, and comfort.

Part of these solutions

Well-ventilated sleeping environment

The CAIRFULL™ knitting technology guarantees a very high breathability of your sleeping fabrics. It creates as much as 400 times more air flow than you would have on a regular mattress. As another benefit, it also wicks away unnecessary moisture in the process.

Reduce the pressure

Relieving pressure on critical points on a mattress can improve your night's rest and recuperation drastically. CAIRFULL™ is proven to create a layer of air between body and mattress foam which is in turn beneficial for reducing pressure on those areas.

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