Baby Comfort

Keep them comfy and cozy

Breathability and comfort are the two most important factors in constructing an optimal baby mattress. The right textile greatly contributes to both, adding the extraordinary feeling of softness on top of that snug sensation every parent seeks for their little one. Our solution guarantees high standards for the cutest sleepers out there.

Technologies used

Why is it relevant?

Babies need their rest. But most of all, they need a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. Parents all over the world have become increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy and safe nest for their little ones.

A breathable mattress is therefore the perfect way to offer peace of mind to safety-conscious parents and optimal sleeping conditions. Because when babies sleep well, parents sleep well too.

How does it work?

Sleep is precious in a baby’s development. That’s why we have engineered our mattresses with the greatest care to make rest as smooth as possible. Our baby mattresses use a three dimensional structure technology. By creating a layer of air between the little body and the foam, the fabric improves the airflow, letting 400 times more air in than a standard mattress fabric (as tested by CSIRO) and distributing heat evenly over the whole surface. Sleeping has just become child’s play.

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