Clean Sleep

Optimal bedding hygiene

78% of people are more excited to go to bed if they have fresh-smelling sheets. While most of us appreciate the crisp feel of the duvet, it’s crucial to keep the entire bedding clean. For mattresses and pillows, that’s possible only with advanced hygiene solutions engineered into textiles. Achieving freshness that goes much deeper than the linen.

Technologies used

Why is it relevant?

Have you ever heard about ‘cleanfluencers’? This online phenomenon is just one way in which the growing cleanliness trend manifests itself. Since the pandemic, people have become more aware of the bacteria and microbes living in their homes and seek solutions that can ensure higher hygiene standards indoors. Since bedding textiles and accessories are likely to become a habitat for bacteria and dirt, it is important to raise awareness about this, and even more important to provide the right solutions for those who want to keep their sleeping environment clean.

How does it work?

Our silver ion-infused fabrics provide protection against microbes. They are like a natural shield that stops bacteria from multiplying and entering deeper layers of the mattress. This allows for maintaining a clean mattress during its full lifespan. A silver hygiene shield, if you will.

Washing the mattress fabric has never been easier with our changeable top panel solution. Those who want to give their bedding an additional hygienic spin, can simply zip off the top and put it in a washing machine.

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