Muscle Recovery

A new sports accessory

Sleep, exercise, and nutrition are the three ex aequo winners on the podium of vitality. When they’re in balance, you feel much better in your body. Our Lab found out how to enhance sleep quality with the right textiles that support restful, relaxed sleep and muscle recovery after intense workouts. A new sports accessory to add next to wearables.

Technologies used

Why is it relevant?

The focus on physical fitness keeps growing, which causes the market for sports accessories and wearables to boom. It is expected to double by 2030!

Tapping into the market with the right sleep solution is a great opportunity. As generic solutions keep sprouting under the keywords of recovery and sports mattresses, we developed the ultimate, scientifically proven textile that offers a truly valuable contribution to the healthy routines of all sports fans out there.

How does it work?

Muscle Recovery solution is built around three functions: improving blood flow, relieving stress and tension, and regulating temperature. How do they impact athletic performance?

Firstly, increased blood flow stimulates the regeneration of muscles that get micro ruptures during intense workouts. Our Vitalize yarn uses far infrared technology to reflect back the body’s heat and stimulate blood circulation.

Next up: tension release. It all has to do with the voltage of the body, which is likely to increase during the night and create an excess of the stress hormone. A straight path to sleep disruption or even insomnia. The Intense fabric (with efficacy tested and proven at Ghent University, Belgium) captures electrons that create voltage and releases them into the air.

Last but not least, the temperature. Best kept in balance during the night thanks to Adaptive finish, so that sleep remains uninterrupted and provides maximum recovery.

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