Enjoy a stress-free, restful night!

The alternating presence of two hormones, cortisol and melatonin, is crucial for our body's day-to-day rhythm. However, cortisol is a stress hormone, and high cortisol levels often cause insomnia and sleep disruption. The INTENSE™ yarn, with Nega-Stat® trilobal carbon thread, lowers cortisol levels by redirecting electrons, fostering a more relaxing sleep.

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In a normal, healthy rhythm, cortisol and melatonin engage in a balanced dance over the course of a twenty-four hour period. These hormones keep each other in balance during this period: when cortisol is rising, melatonin declines and vice versa. It is, as such, important to find the right balance.

Body voltage & cortisol

A sleeping body easily charges up to high voltages. Research has shown that high body voltage stimulates the production of cortisol. High cortisol levels often cause insomnia and sleep disruption.

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