Why let your good night's rest depend on circumstances when you can take control? Meet Camille, the interchangeable cover solution that adapts to your personal needs. 

Increased sleeping comfort

When night falls, it's best to shake off the day in a bed that makes you feel comfortable. Camille was created to ensure good-quality sleep time after time. To make sure you feel rested and ready for a new day, where anything is possible!

Adjustable to your mood

Because every day may challenge you in different ways, Camille has a solution for each frame of mind you're in. With four interchangeable covers to match your mood, you can enjoy a good night's sleep regardless of circumstances. 

Switched in an instant

In the mood for a more snug, cool or calming sleeping experience? It only takes a minute to change your Camille cover as there's no need to flip the mattress. Just unzip the cover's top panel and substitute it for a cover solution of your choice. 

Washable for easy care

To make it even easier for you to change and clean covers after use, the entire Camille range is machine washable at 30°C without risk of loss of performance. Every cover is made to be long-lasting and comfort you through the night for years to come. 
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