Climate Regulation

Stay cool and dry

Body temperature and the external conditions should stay in sync for an optimal night’s sleep. Otherwise, they may disrupt the natural rhythm and affect the overall quality of sleep. That’s why we developed a textile solution that manages temperature in two ways. It is pleasantly cool to touch when lying down. During sleep, it regulates the exchange of body heat and humidity, keeping the climate optimal for each sleeper individually.

Technologies used

Why is it relevant?

With the climate becoming warmer and less predictable, the need for solutions that help keep the sleeping environment in an optimal condition is growing. While people typically use external devices, such as air conditioning or fans, awareness of the impact of textiles on sleeping comfort is growing rapidly, too. This translates directly into demand: cooling functionalities are the fastest growing segment in our offering. The right balance between the external and body temperature is the most efficient way to achieve comfort, hence the great importance of picking the right mattress and pillow.

How does it work?

Climate Regulation combines technologies that create a perfectly pleasant sleeping environment. This textile is both cool-to-touch and actively cools the body throughout the night. The pleasant feeling of coolness upon entering the bed already sets the right tone for the body to wind down and enter the natural sleep cycle. It also delays the accumulation of heat, ensuring a consistently cool, dry, and comfortable climate.

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