Starts cool, stays cool

Escape the discomfort of heat and sweat during your night's sleep with COMBOCOOL™, a dual action cooling technology with over 50% biobased content that provides continuous and active cooling. This revolutionary technology not only cools before the first hint of sweat but also strategically delays the accumulation of heat, ensuring a consistently cool, dry, and comfortable climate.

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Long-lasting coolness

The technology provides exceptional cooling performance that lasts the lifetime of the textile product. The patented formulation ensures that the cooling magic doesn't fade away over time, maintaining reliably comfortable conditions around your body.

Sustainable cooling solution

COMBOCOOL™ not only transforms your comfort but also champions sustainability with over 50% biobased content derived from USDA-certified vegetable oil. The environmentally conscious formulation ensures a refreshing, dry, and soothing environment for the entire lifetime of the textile product.


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