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An overnight glow-up

Skincare has become an elaborate part of self-care routines across the globe. Consumers constantly seek to enhance their set of products—and it doesn’t stop at creams and serums! Given that sleep is so essential for a fresh morning look, we developed a fabric that takes additional care of your skin while you’re resting. That’s what we call a glow-up.

Technologies used

Why is it relevant?

The global beauty products market is on the rise, with the skincare segment growing the fastest.

It has become an essential element of daily routines, especially among Gen Z and Millenials, in line with the booming self-care trend. Clinical products with advanced ingredients of proven efficacy are becoming more and more popular, making skincare more of a science than it ever was. Attending to one’s fresh looks even before waking up is a yet-to-be explored domain in which bedding solutions can play a whole new role! Early adopters who will bring these concepts to market can successfully connect to the needs of a broad demographic of consumers. We provide scientifically developed and tested textiles that go beyond empty promises.

How does it work?

Our skincare textiles are build around two key elements: carotenoids and probiotics. Lycopene carotenoids are powerful antioxidants with an anti-aging effect tested and proven in laboratory experiments. How exactly do they work in our textile solution? It all happens thanks to the probiotics, the Bacillus Indicus 101, which get perpetually released from microcapsules present in the textile. This, in exchange, produces the carotenoids. The skin attracts these precious molecules (even through sheets and pyjamas) and gets rejuvenated overnight.

Aloe vera, a timeless beauty contributor present in the high-quality textile, contributes to a soft, delicate feeling of the bedding. A feeling of spa in your own bed.

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