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Overnight skincare

No time to spend in front of the bathroom mirror applying multiple lotions and creams? SKIN+™ is a game-changing technology in skin care, a novel treatment for mattress fabrics based on a patented probiotic technology. Using encapsulated probiotics producing carotenoids to protect, restore, rejuvenate and beautify the skin. Just go to sleep and your mattress does the job, night after night!

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Take care of your skin

SKIN+™ textile contains small capsules of natural probiotics. The probiotics touching your sleeping body are proven to have the triple effect of restoring, rejuvenating and beautifying the skin. The capsule dosages are calculated to match the effect of applying a carotenoid skin cream daily, reaching your skin even through sheets and nightdresses.

All natural

SKIN+™ works through natural probiotics called carotenoids. These are organic pigments usually found in the skin of fruit and vegetables, like watermelons or tomatoes. The carotenoids found on SKIN+™ treated textile are even ten times more active and more stable than the ones produced by fruits and vegetables!

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