Future Dreamers

New generation's rest

Sleep is an essential time for children’s development. That’s when their bodies recover and their brains integrate everything they have learned during the day. Creating a comfortable and hygienic sleeping environment for the little sleepers is essential and the right mattress has a very important role to play in this setup. Our solution responds to these fundamental needs and beyond: made of recycled ocean plastic, the fabric represents care not just about the kids, but also their future.

Technologies used

Why is it relevant?

Parents want the best for their kids. That goes without saying. But it’s the practical and additional features that can tip the balance when choosing the right mattress. Millenial parents care about the safety, comfort and hygiene of their kids as much as they do about the sourcing of their chosen products. This eco-aware generation wants to make solid choices that will contribute to their kids’ better future far beyond the individual level. That’s why combining these practical and emotional elements into one solution helps make the product stand out in the market. Enter Future Dreamers, a concept designed for maximum efficiency with an eco-responsible story behind it.

How does it work?

This concept is rooted in the combination of comfort, hygiene and eco-friendliness. That’s why we used recycled polyester yarns and finishes to build this kid-friendly mattress cover. Together with the Seaqual initiative, we collect ocean plastic and turn it into quality yarns that carry the dream of a cleaner planet. Since leaks and spills happen, we added a waterproof layer that keeps the mattress dry and clean.

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