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Actively reduces allergens up to 96.6%

Allergens are one of the most prevalent health problems in the world, estimated to affect about forty percent of the global population. Some bedrooms contain as much as three or more detectable allergens, even after just six months of use! Luckily, PUROTEX+™ powered by HeiQ Allergen Tech offers a solution.

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Exceptional allergen reduction

PUROTEX+™ boasts an exceptional allergen reduction. It reduces house dust mite matter allergens by 96.6%, while cat (hair) allergens are reduced by 83.6% and dog (hair) allergens are reduced by 76.5%.

Biobased durability

PUROTEX+™ is a 100% biobased and naturally derived product. The technology shows durable performance beyond twenty home washes, and is non-irritant to the skin as well.

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