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Let us take you on a tale of two hormones. The alternating presence of two hormones, cortisol and melatonin, is crucial for our body's day-to-day rhythm. Cortisol, on the one hand, is a stress hormone, and we need id to be active and perform well. Melatonin, on the other hand, is a sleep hormone, which we need to sleep during the night. 

In a normal, healthy rhythm, these two hormones engage in a balanced dance over the course of a twenty-four hour period. The hormones keep each other in balance during this period: when cortisol is rising, melatonin declines and vice versa. It is, as such, important to find the right balance. 

But it is not that simple. Research showed that a sleeping body easily charges up high voltages, and that these voltages stimulate the production of cortisol. The stress hormone, as you might have guessed, often causes insomnia and sleep disruption. The goal of Intense is to discharge these voltages, and bring cortisol and melatonin back in balance!

How does Intense work?

The Intense mattress fabric uses the Nega-Stat® trilobal thread with a carbon core to capture electrons, which create voltage. Afterwards, it releases them into the air, without creating extra voltage. This is a state of continuous electrical discharge. Both voltage and tension literally flow away from the body, resulting in a lower cortisol level, for a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

Intense can as such take away your high voltage stress, and help you sleep better!

Intense is a tested technology

A test done at Ghent University (Belgium) determined the discharging effect of Intense in our mattress textiles. The test showed a clear difference in body voltage between fabrics containing the Intense threads and the fabrics without them. Textiles containing our Intense technology, so it is shown, resulted in a lower body voltage, thus proving Intense helps you sleep better. 
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