Purely Natural

Comfort and responsibility

Natural fibres become more and more popular with those who care about the origin of the products they buy. From organic cotton, hemp, to TENCEL™, we explore the natural options in close collaboration between our Studio and Lab. All this to achieve the optimal result that merges the newest textile technologies with an on-trend look. Naturally.

Technologies used

Why is it relevant?

With the new generation of conscious shoppers, the market sees a big move towards nature and demand for non-synthetic materials. This trend is also in full bloom in the bedding industry. We therefore develop solutions combining the newest science and technology with natural yarn choices, bringing you closer to nature as you rest.

How does it work?

While nature offers plenty of possibilities for the textile industry, in this particular solution we focused on TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ textile, made of post-consumer cotton scraps and wood pulp. The cutting-edge, heat-dissolvable Smart Stitch™ makes disassembly of the mixed material covers possible: a big step towards design that enables easier recycling. This solution significantly reduces the environmental impact, while offering optimal softness thanks to the sustainable nature of the featured fabric.

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