Premium Feel

Enjoy the richness of textile

You know it when you feel it. The sensorial pleasure that can only come from a combination of aesthetics, materials, and craft. For the luxury seekers of this day and age, we have developed a solution that brings a whole new premium dimension to the topic of sleep with cashmere combined with a silk-touch finish. You sleep for one third of your life, so why not do it with class?

Technologies used

Why is it relevant?

With the new generation of buyers, investing in quality products with that extra premium feel becomes more important than showing status. The idea of luxury is more individualistic, directed towards self-care and creating the most comfortable, enjoyable environments around oneself.

Bedding solutions can tap into this mindset by offering a touch of lavishness experienced every single night, with that soft hug around the body during a well-deserved rest.

How does it work?

Achieving the premium feel is in a combination of beautiful textile design, quality, and carefully selected yarns. This solution features a heavy-weight fabric of quilted look, which is as fluffy as it gets, for the maximum sense of softness. It contains two premium yarns. Cashmere, a unique wool type collected by hand, ensures the breathability and cozy feeling. Our silk-touch textile finish with the plush look gives an extra cozy touch to the final product.

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