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Discover Purotex⁺®

Allergies are one of the most prevalent health problems in the world, estimated to affect about 40% of the global population. In the US, more than 90% of the bedrooms have 3 or more detectable allergens and 73% have at least one allergen at elevated levels.

Every pillow and mattress, whether in a private home or in a hospitality environment, contains allergens after 6 months of use. The intense exposure during a longer 6- to 8-hours sleep requires a solution. Purotex⁺®, powered by HeiQ AllergenTech, provides this solution.

How does Purotex⁺® work?

The Benefits of Purotex⁺® 

First and foremost, Purotex⁺® technology boasts an exceptional allergen reduction. House dust mite matter allergens are reduced by 96.6%, cat (hair) allergens are reduced by 83.6% and dog (hair) allergens are reduced by 76.5% . Secondly, Purotex⁺ is 100% biobased and it is also certified by Allergy UK.
That's not everything, as Purotex⁺® shows durable performance beyond 20 home washes. Also, it is non-irritant to the skin. Purotex⁺® is a patent pending technology and OEKO-TEX Certified. 

The efficiency of Purotex⁺®

1. Probiotic Colonization

Synbiotics (probiotics + a probiotic 'lunchbox') in natural matrix are applied to the textile
2. Enzyme Production

The blend of priobiotics produces a wide range of enzymes
3. Allergen Removal

These enzymes 'digest' a large variety of inanimate allergens (organic protein molecules)
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