Our global design approach

“The Group Design at BekaertDeslee holds a pivotal role in shaping and reinforcing the company’s design philosophy and brand identity” states Melike Karadayi, Group Design Manager at BekaertDeslee. Comprising a dedicated and global team, the Group Design plays a crucial role in fostering BekaertDeslee’s vision through creative contributions and a cohesive design approach.

The Group Design team is responsible for developing aesthetically pleasing and functional designs that align with market trends, customer preferences and the overall brand image.

When it comes to creating a new collection, the Group Design employs a collaborative organizational approach. Open communication ensures a cohesive design vision, leading to the effective development of initiatives like Global and Capsule collections, explains Gilles Debusschere, MarCom & Design Director at BekaertDeslee.

Initiatives like Global and Capsule collections not only inspire customers but also establish design leadership in the market. The team fosters synergy, connection, and effective communication within BekaertDeslee business units worldwide.

Having a collection created by designers from diverse cultural backgrounds brings richness and uniqueness to the designs. “Cultural diversity enriches the design vocabulary of a team. This can result in a wider range of styles, patterns, and aesthetics, providing more options for creating versatile and inclusive collections” says Gilles.

The variety of experiences, ideas, and design influences can lead to more innovative and creative solutions, pushing the boundaries of design and setting trends rather than following them.

The Group Design encounters challenges when operating on a global scale, especially in curating a collection that seamlessly incorporates diverse inspirations and ideas to cater to the varied needs of customers worldwide. Differences in cultural perspectives may lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations in design. To overcome this, encouragement and involvement of diverse team members in decision-making ensure a well-rounded perspective.

To overcome these challenges, Melike explains that the team stays updated on global design trends, considers regional variations, and prioritizes cross-cultural collaboration. Additionally, they gather worldwide customer feedback, maintaining adaptability by creating flexible design elements that can be customized to align with regional preferences while preserving the overall brand identity.

The Lead designers also take a significant role in steering the creative direction and ensuring innovation in BekaertDeslee’s design approach.

“We must stay on top of new artistic trends of different impact, from a new color to the lightning-fast incursion of AI in the creative world.” – Sergio Vega Lead Designer based in BekaertDeslee Canada
“For me, the most overwhelming, yet most exciting part of beginning a new group collection is the gathering of trend forecasts and new artwork.” – Kara Pruitt Lead Designer based in BekaertDeslee US
“Inspiring and continuously motivating my team is crucial because I guide them in their creative process, helping them showcase their potential in designs.” – Guadalupe Ramirez Lead Designer in BekaertDeslee Mexico