Don’t give bedbugs a chance with BugShield

Bedbugs are hard to eradicate and are often seen as an individual problem due to the lack of resources for effective elimination. BugShield offers a groundbreaking solution and ensures a bedbug-free environment.

Bedbugs are back, and they're causing trouble in cities worldwide, including Paris. These insects have made a comeback, infesting our homes, hotels, and public spaces. Anyone can be a victim, and the rise in travel since the pandemic has only made the situation worse.

The problem didn't happen overnight. Many cities, including Paris, have been quietly dealing with bedbugs for a while. The recent increase in travel has just made us more aware of them. Unlike other pests, bedbugs are tricky. They hitchhike on our belongings, making it easy for them to spread. And unlike efforts against mosquitoes or ticks, dealing with bedbugs is often seen as an individual problem. Not everyone can afford to get rid of them properly, so these bugs keep finding new homes.

BekaertDeslee's BugShield technology presents a game-changing, quick and simple solution. Fabrics treated with BugShield by BekaertDeslee are fortified against bedbug infestations. This innovative technology targets bedbugs residing in mattress fabrics, ensuring their eradication. Rigorous testing has revealed a remarkable 100% mortality rate, with a minimum of 90% bedbug elimination within 72 hours. BugShield by BekaertDeslee doesn't stop at bedbugs; it also effectively combats bed mite infestations.

Photographer: Georgy Dzyura

BekaertDeslee's BugShield technology isn't just effective; it's also safe and durable. Certified by OEKO-TEX 100, it’s guaranteed skin-safe, offering peace of mind to users concerned about potential skin allergies. Moreover, the technology demonstrates its resilience by withstanding up to 10 washes at 40°C, ensuring long-lasting protection for your bedding investment.

Covering your mattress with a sleeve treated with BugShield by BekaertDeslee will offer you a comfortable, peaceful, and bug-free environment, ensuring a good night's sleep for everyone.

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