BekaertDeslee introduces Transparent Circularity

BekaertDeslee introduces transparent circularity

BekaertDeslee launches a digital platform that can identity each mattress which has a BekaertDeslee cover with a digital tag. This digital tag, which will be placed on covers from BekaertDeslee’s participating customers, will allow the mattress to be correctly sorted and recycled at the end of its life.

BekaertDeslee’s “Transparent Circularity” concept encourages all stakeholders in the value chain to support a circular economy in the mattress sector using an online digital platform.

As the market leader, BekaertDeslee aims to be a frontrunner in making our industry more sustainable. Amongst others, and notably our '&Beyond' product line, BekaertDeslee will launch a brand-new circular model, our ‘Transparent Circularity' concept.

Digital label for mattresses

Together with participating customers, BekaertDeslee will produce and sell mattress covers with an integrated and unique QR/RFID label linked to an online digital platform starting from spring. Doing so, every mattress made with such a cover will have its individual material and production information on the platform, accessible to all stakeholders. At the end of life, recycling companies will be able to read the information through RFID to identify, sort, and recycle the cover. Demet Tunç: “In this way, the worn-out materials can be returned to raw materials and repeatedly reused in new covers and mattresses or any other application.”

Let’s get transparently circular!

Calling upon all stakeholders to support the circular economy

Transparent Circularity is being launched initially in Europe and North America. In the meantime, BekaertDeslee is looking forward to getting all stakeholders in the value chain excited about the digital label and platform. Frédéric Beucher, CEO at BekaertDeslee: “This enables us, together with the rest of our industry, to gradually start making a real difference in the management of textile waste.”

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