“We add value and offer excellence, by being Close to you”

With 26 sites all around the world, we always operate in close proximity to customers in different countries.

BekaertDeslee became the company it is today thanks to its 100 years of experience in the sleeping industry. “Our intense focus on innovation and sustainability is what puts us on the map”, says Matthieu Rammant, Sales Director EMENA at BekaertDeslee. Rhiannon Burch Hallam, Senior Vice President of Sales North America, agrees: “We are a leading innovator on an industry level. BekaertDeslee is consistently at the forefront of conversations on the future of our industry.”

BekaertDeslee always emphasizes its Close To You-approach when talking about what drives us as a company. With several sites all around the world, we always operate in close proximity to customers in different countries. “We are able to serve our customers by offering local market expertise to help them attend to their own customers’ needs,” says Rhiannon. “We can react quickly, respond to changing market demands and, deliver a world-class experience right at home!”

“Offering the best possible service is a big cornerstone in order to build trust”, adds Matthieu. “The close relations with our customers and a high level of trust make sure that we can take all possible worries away, so the customer can focus on growing their own business. Being Close To You means adding value in a fast and reliable manner. That way, everyone improves.”

The importance of continuous development

The strong focus on innovation and development is of great importance because it not only helps BekaertDeslee keep its position at the forefront of the mattress textile industry, but it can also grant our customers competitive advantages. Matthieu believes listening to the customer is key: “The most important part of our business is understanding the customer, their business, their challenges, and their strategy. Because of this interaction, we can create tailor-made solutions through extensive development phases and a solid route to market. By generating trust through every step, our customers can be successful as well.”

Rhiannon also emphasizes teaming up with our customers: “Through several partnerships, we can provide insights to global consumer trends and serve as a resource in marketing products with the future in mind. We can provide valuable knowledge from emerging trends in color or texture to changing the landscape of the industry through sustainability efforts. Working together with our customers gives them the confidence they need to reach consumers tomorrow.”

A strategic partner Close To You

“We strive to make quality the center of everything we deliver”, says Rhiannon. “High quality products, high quality processes, high quality experience. It goes way beyond only creating something on the manufacturing floor. To be Close To You, we strive each day to deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers. We go beyond the traditional selling approach to become a strategic partner for our customers. A strategic partner that remains Close To You.”

“What’s even more,” says Matthieu, “is that we can increase the speed of our developments through digitalization. We have the BD Cloud, where we show our latest fabrics and covers. This will be backed by our new online customer portal, so our customers can also find real-time information, on for example our inventory and orders, further speeding up the process of working together efficiently.”

“Our design, sample and quality teams are keeping a very close eye on the product”, adds Matthieu. “We work on 26 locations worldwide, which means we are able to work together with our partners at a very large capacity. Either if it’s our recycled and natural yarns for our fabrics, our bio-based and sleep enhancing finishes or the end-of life possibilities we offer, BekaertDeslee ensures quality in all of its work. We are always looking forward to getting to know you, listen to your stories and bring success to your projects. This we do by adding value and offering excellence Close To You.”