BekaertDeslee’s new TERRA collection revolves around caring for mother earth. It is inspired by our past, present and glances at what the future may bring. Earth and the cultures existing on the planet often show a lot of contrast, yet TERRA unites these contrasts in its many designs.

Humanity has a strong cultural heritage, and TERRA shows this by expressing tribal arts and crafts into a modern way. We draw inspiration from these strong, healthy roots and look at how they form a sustainable future for coming generations.

Each substyle focuses on a different link with mother earth, be it historical periods or revival or modern ways of expressing our cultural roots. TERRA is not just a story; it is our story. The story of earth, and the people living on it.


The TERRA PURE style finds inspiration in our cultural heritage, shown by ethnic patterns. However, these patterns are embedded in a modern environment. The motifs are stylized versions, inspired by different cultures. Putting this historic interpretation in a contemporary setting is achieved by using contrasting tones.

The fully white panels combined with contrasting black, white and grey borders catch the eye. PURE links the roots of our cultural heritage to who we are today. TERRA PURE focuses on sustainability and how we leave earth to those who come after us as well. This is shown in the use of recyclable yarns and recyclable mono materials to bring our designs to life. PURE shows care for what we inherited, but also for the legacy we leave behind for future generations.


As opposed to modern times, traditional patterns were big, bold, and colorful. By using traditional patterns found all over the world, you clearly see the roots of humanity enclosed in the TERRA NUANCE designs. Marsala colors, along with dark brown, cream and accents of petrol generate a very strong, ancestral feeling. We combine these patterns with different types of fabric qualities, such as bamboo, linen, Tencel and organic cotton.

Don’t be fooled, though: today, multiculturalism is more important than ever, if we are ever to unite as one planet. That is why NUANCE’s patterns, adopted from different cultures, are united in one style. We are sure that working and growing together is what the future must look like.


Over certain periods in time, humankind has known dark periods. The strength of humanity lies, however, in showing resilience after these chapters. We have also known beautiful periods of revival. Now, we are experiencing a stage like that, after the world came to a standstill not even five years ago.

TERRA CLASSIC took lessons from history and draws inspiration from a time when we showed ourselves equally resilient, the roaring twenties. It was a time when humanity dared to dream big again, following the most devastating period in all of our history. Now, in the CLASSIC style, we allow our collection to do the same, and show off. The touches of refreshing purple and the sparkle of silver lurex create opulent, luxurious designs. We take note from history, to show we can all dream of a brighter future again!


To only keep dwelling on the past itself is not always the right thing to do. Caring for the moment we are currently living in is equally important. Otherwise, we risk losing ourselves in the big stories of the past or in dreaming of a better future. TERRA FUSION focuses on the current moment, the moment in which past and future fuse together.

FUSION draws inspiration from what is moving in modern times and how the moment is literally built. Inspired by trends found in modern architecture, we link bold colors, such as orange and blue, to beautiful tones of white. It is only by honoring the past, as well as inspiring future generations, we can create a mix that teaches us to appreciate the moment we live in, on the planet we were born on.

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