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"The fast-growing, international working environment and the wide variety of projects make BekaertDeslee from my perspective an exciting and challenging place to work. It fosters career growth opportunities and helps me to further develop my skills and broaden my knowledge in order to take the next step in my career path. Above all, I’m part of a fantastic team full of motivated, dynamic and supportive colleagues all over the globe. "

Mathieu Ververken  -  Financial Analyst HQ - BekaertDeslee Belgium

"I love working at BekaertDeslee for almost 30 years. In fact it’s no longer working. It’s fun, it became a hobby. I am very happy to be a part of the respectful, open minded family that encourages growth, initiative, offers opportunities, in a positive flexible working environment. My job contains big diversity, joining dynamic teams with clear goals, great support, and fantastic colleagues. I’m meeting people all over the world, learning new cultures, seeing new places, making new friends. Proposing solutions, learning new things, teaching, helping people, having appreciation makes me happy and staying at BekaertDeslee for such a long time."

Rudy De Maeseneire  -  SAP Business Analyst

"I am proud to have been part of a Big BekaertDeslee Family for the past 10 years. Working in a fantastic workplace in Indonesia and at the same time with a great team of BekaertDeslee colleagues all around the world, provided me with a great professional experience and a lot of knowledge. BekaertDeslee has always given me the opportunity and environment to continue growing together with the Company."

Erwin Herdiansyah  -  Deputy Operations Manager - BekaertDeslee Indonesia

"It’s my great honor to join the BekaertDeslee family. Every day is a new challenge, the more you learn our mattress products, the stronger you will be before the customers. We can’t get continuous improvement in a comfort zone, BekaerDeslee gives me a challenging environment, I will cherish it and make win-win with the company. "

Blues Wang  -  Regional Sales Manager - BekaertDeslee China

"I am happy to be part of BekaertDeslee since beginning of 2017. This big family called Bekaert Deslee offered me the possibility to step out of my comfort zone, which was an amazing opportunity for my professional development. I had no experience regarding Purchase, but BekaertDeslee offered me their trust and support and now I am proud to say that I am doing a job I really enjoy. I strongly believe that the work environment that the company provides is suitable for growing your career path and to help you develop your best skills. I am improving my knowledge every day and the biggest asset of BekaertDeslee is definitely the team I am working with. A great, motivated and professional team all around the world. "

Alexandra Badescu  -  Purchasing Specialist - BekaertDeslee Romania