Hans Dewaele

Hans is the Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at BekaertDeslee.

Born in Waregem, Belgium, Hans started his career at Van Hool, a coach and trailer manufacturer, and then worked at Sofinal-Cotesa, a synthetic fabrics manufacturer, before founding an agency and trading company Dewaele Consult BVBA in 1994. Since 1996, he has been a shareholder-entrepreneur and held various positions within the DesleeClama Group becoming Co-CEO in 2002. He also played a role in the sale negotiations of DesleeClama Group to Bekaert Textiles.

Hans studied Law at the University of Ghent, Marketing at Hantal Kortrijk, and Exports Management at Ehsal Brussels.

Hans has served as Past Chairman of the Board of Directors of Centexbel and is a board member at Fedustria, EBIA, Bedrijvencentrum Waregem, CEE Engineering, Compagnie Du Parc, and Gimmy Vitamins. He has extensive travel and business networks globally.