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Discover Purotex®

Did you know that about one-third of the population suffers from House Dust Mite Allergy (HDMA)? This type of allergy is caused by the inhalation of house dust mite allergens, small skin particles that have been in contact with DERP1, the enzyme that the mites use to digest food. There are millions of these allergens in every bed.

By applying active probiotics on mattress or pillow textiles, Purotex® permanently cleans up allergens. Purotex® reduces these allergens drastically, and keeps your mattress surface clean and fresh in a natural way! 

How does Purotex® work?

Fabrics treated with Purotex® contain microcapsules that are filled with natural probiotics. These probiotics are a hundred percent natural remedy against allergenic sleep disrupters. Because of the friction between your body and the fabric, the microcapsules burst open and absorb humidity. The probiotics then start to multiply and clean up allergens. This way, you can put your allergies to sleep and wake up in a healthy bed!
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Purotex® is a tested technology

To make sure Purotex® works like a charm, we tested Purotex® four times. Not only did these tests show that Purotex® reduces House Dust Mite Allergen by 93.7 percent, but that Purotex® reduces dog (minus 66.7 percent) and cat (minus 92.8 percent) hair allergens as well. The allergen tests were performed by Dr. Ute Stephan and Stephanie Wollenberg of BMA Labor in Germany.

Furthermore, a significant improvement regarding allergy symptoms was proven by Margot Berings, PhD researcher at the Ghent University Hospital. As such, Purotex® helps create a significant improvement in your quality of life.
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