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Vitalize ® 

Vitalize® is a mattress textile with incorporated Far Infrared Technology. This high tech yarn is made from polyester fibers, permanently linked with ceramic mineral crystals. Vitalize® textiles have the ability to reflect Far Infrared Rays back to the body that generated them. 
These FIR rays penetrate the subcutaneous tissues (the layer just below the skin) and stimulate the micro blood circulation. Better blood flow reduces cold hands and feet, a problem that many people struggle with.
Vitalize® is a BekaertDeslee brand. The mattress textiles give you the full FIR experience without a brand or technology license fee.

About 60% of the energy we consume disappears through body heat. Vitalize® uses that otherwise lost energy to recycle it into Far Infrared Rays that stimulate your body and improve your well-being.

Thanks to the long exposure time (7 to 8 hours every night) we maximize the beneficial effects of FIR. By transforming your body heat into Far Infrared Rays and reflecting them back to your body as positive rays, improved blood circulation will enhance not only your sleep but also ultimately, your well-being.
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