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Recycled PES

Recycled Polyester is made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from plastic bottles. PET is a type of polyester that is extensively used in the textile and packaging industries. PET in plastic bottles represent a pure, high-quality form since they are transparent and most of them don’t contain any dyes. More importantly, their material quality is high enough that they can tolerate degradation during the mechanical recycling process. As a result, premium quality yarn can be assured.

PET can be recovered and recycled by thorough washing and remelting for use in new PET products, or by chemically breaking down the PET into its constituent raw materials, which are then purified and converted into new PET. The new converted PET granulates, are then used as raw material to extrude new PES yarns. By coloring the granulates, we get colored PES yarns to knit new fabrics.  


In order to sustain the environment for future generations, recycling is of great importance. The never-ending exploitation of natural resources is a harmful and dangerous approach to environmental preservation. Choosing products made from recycled materials can really make a difference. Depending on if the yarn is spun or if it’s a filament, the carbon footprint of polyester is at least 4 times lower when it is made from recycled material as opposed to crude oil.
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