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Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from hemp, a variety of the cannabis sativa plant. CBD extracted from hemp has no psychoactive properties.

This is a big difference compared to THC, which will cause a person to experience a high.
It is however essential that people familiarize themselves with local laws before acquiring and using CBD.

The finishing is based on encapsulated CBD.
The microcapsules contain pure CBD concentrate.
Although the liquid applied has a white viscous appearance, it doesn’t smell or has no visible impact on the fabrics.
The performance of using CBD in combination with other chemical treatments, such as FR or Water repellency is not known.


CBD oil is a popular natural sleep aid and forms an
alternative towards the CBD-oil spray.
BekaertDeslee now offers this trending CBD concentrate on mattress fabrics.
Known properties of CBD are stress relief and tackling insomnia.

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