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Woven Look

Discover Woven Look

Imagine having the advantages of a knitted fabric, while sporting the high-end look of a woven fabric. Woven Look does just that! Our Woven Look fabrics have a gorgeous, elegant look and lean themselves towards detailed motives. They allow to play with luxurious colors like gold and silver. On top of this, Woven Look is very soft to the touch. Not only does it look and feel great, but our Woven Look has the advantages to remain wrinkle-free and not fray easily. Its elasticity also makes it easy to handle. Combine these advantages with a classic look of pure elegance, and you get the perfect combination, right?

Woven Look combines the best of both worlds

Woven Look has the looks, but it also grants some advantages to our customers. High-end woven fabrics often tend to be more expensive, so the advantage of being cheaper in production combined to the look can make Woven Look worthwhile. Secondly, BekaertDeslee is meeting a demand that has been rising for years, namely the one for a stretchy woven fabric. While technically not a woven fabric, it does combine its look with the greatly searched for elasticity. It has the looks, and it has the advantages. Woven Look is an elegant combination, containing the best of both worlds! 
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