Plant Manager, Operations
Location: USA, Winston Salem, North Carolina


Within the scope of the general management principles of HANIEL Holding and the BekaertDeslee Group, the Plant Manager of BekaertDeslee United States is responsible for all processes related to the manufacturing, warehousing and maintenance of the operation.


BekaertDeslee United States is one of five manufacturing sites of BekaertDeslee North America. It serves as production and distribution center for the US and Canadian market.

BekaertDeslee United States is also the Innovation & Automation center for BDNA.


The Plant Manager is responsible for the management of all activities related to the manufacturing of fabrics, warehousing of raw materials and finished goods, as well as the maintenance of the facility and machinery.

He/she has to manage the operation in a culture of 5S and continuous improvement, with special focus on safety, quality, customer centricity and efficiency.

Main responsibilities

  1. Prepares and recommends for the approval by the VP Operations and General Management
    1. Yearly production plan based on the projected sales budget relative to:

- The required capacity (machines & equipment),

- The required manning & organization

- The required raw material and auxiliary products, spare parts, energy, etc.

This is presented through budgeted cost plan and is based on the existing departmental structure.

    1. Investment plan (Yearly or, if necessary, on incidental basis) based on:

- Necessary replacement investments

- Projections relative to expansion investments

- Technological improvement opportunities relative to productivity, safety, quality and/or environment

    1. Yearly work plan. The work plan will specifically include cost reduction targets and progress follow-up. Cost reductions areas include, among others:

- Efficiency improvements,

- Waste reduction

- Reduction of off-quality, incl. customer returns, seconds, etc.

  1. Organizes, coordinates and controls:
    1. The execution of the approved plans,
    2. The product flow in order to manufacture, against the lowest possible cost, and in accordance with the product specifications, the volumes that are requested from the planning department that are in agreement with the sales department needs and projections.
    3. The optimal staffing of the departments with respect to number of associates, job knowledge, training criteria and motivation.
    4. The continuous development and evaluation of new products and technologies.
    5. Process improvements and implementation thereof in order to improve safety, quality, efficiency and environmental impact.
    6. The reporting analysis as needed or required.
    7. The correct implementation of the quality assurance policies
    8. The compliance with laws and regulations relative to safety, hygiene and environment in coordination/cooperation with the HR and Safety Coordinator, as well as the correct implementation of the prevention management related to safety and environmental compliance.
    9. The correct implementation of the QM system in accordance with the QA principles set by general management.
    10. 5S projects in the departments to improve the safety of the work environment, quality of processes and products and efficiencies.
    11. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual posting and analysis of production and performance data.  Training and disciplinary actions taken based on results.
    12. The compliance with laws and regulations relative to safety, etc. in coordination/ cooperation with the HR and Safety Coordinator.
    13.  The professional development of his/her direct reports and creating succession development plans.
    14.  Lead by example on the cultural transformation by demonstrating commitment and providing coaching to his direct reports on the Daily Performance Management (DPM).

  1. Personally
    1. Establishes and maintains contact with persons and organizations that can help with the optimal execution of the job.
    2. Establishes and maintains contact with the other Business Units of the BD Group as well as other departments of the BDNA organization to promote and facilitate cooperation and the transfer of knowledge.
    3. Takes actively part in various meetings such as the monthly reporting meetings, quality meeting, Kaizens etc.

  1. Professional qualifications
    1. Entrance qualification
  1. A university degree in Textile Engineering, Textile Chemistry, Process Engineering, Production Management or similar through experience.
  2.  Five years of experience as Operations or Plant Manager with multiple shift systems in an integrated manufacturing environment
  3. Leadership experience in a manufacturing environment based on Lean or World Class Manufacturing principles.
  4. Technical knowledge of textile manufacturing processes is a strong plus
  5. Experience in manufacturing of woven or knitted mattress ticking is a strong plus
    1. Knowledge
  6. A thorough understanding of textile manufacturing processes
  7. A thorough understanding of the BekaertDeslee standard cost system.
  8. A thorough understanding of the administrative procedures relative to the operation.
  9. User knowledge of the SAP, BI and BMS system in general and related reports in specific.
  10. Thorough understanding of systems thinking
  11. Knowledge of standard PC software packages (such MS Office including Outlook, SharePoint, Teams).
  12. Strong aptitude to effectively analyze large and complex data sets. Ability to use data to identify trends in quality and efficiency by employee, style of product, and knitting set.
  13. Ability to provide course correction for the department based on data analysis of trends.
  14. Strong soft skills to lead and coach the organization.
  15. Demonstrate systems thinking, process approach and risk management.

  1. Social skills/communication
    1. Authority
  1. Is comfortable in interacting with and having hierarchical authority over the associates in the manufacturing site.
  2. Has technical authority to represent BekaertDeslee to official authorities, and to represent BekaertDeslee interest to the BekaertDeslee organization and to suppliers and/or customers.
  3. Is able to communicate in a constructive way with associates, colleagues and external contacts.
  4. Is comfortable in an international environment and shows intercultural sensitivity.
  5. Embraces fact-based decision-making and has strong problem-solving skills.
  6. Has in-depth product and process knowledge in order to represent the site’s interests internally as well as versus colleagues or superiors at other locations.
    1. Other
        1. Is able to handle stress and ambiguity
        2. Is highly organized
        3. Able to set own goals, deadlines and priorities
        4. Is proactive and able to complete job function with minimal direction
        5. Is customer focused
        6. Is highly approachable
        7. Shows high accuracy in administration
        8. Has effective problem solving skills
        9. Establishes and maintains contact with persons and organizations that can help with the optimal execution of the job
        10. Establishes and maintains contact with the other departments or BU’s of both BD to promote and facilitate cooperation and the transfer of knowledge.
        11. Is committed to personal development.
        12. Is willing to travel within US, the Americas and abroad.
        13. Is business proficient in English, proficiency in Spanish is a plus.
    1. Code of Conduct

Adheres strictly to and promotes the BD’s Code of Conduct in all aspects.


Please apply, we are looking forward to hear from you!

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