Our NEW! Flow range is all about ventilation, where we created different fabrics where ventilation and comfort go perfectly together.
The fabrics have a very nice feel . They are really soft because of the specific yarns used on the surface.
The Ventus quality is made with microfiber and the Airtex with a Viskose yarn on the surface.
For the look we were inspired by a very big trend today: fluorescent and young.
We chose a range of fluorescent colors to work with and in both qualities we created various designs inspired by sports and other intelligent fabrics, this to emphasise the ventilating aspect of the fabric.
Next to the nice look and feel the fabrics are also extremely ventilating, they even have a structure that is literally ventilating because of the little holes in the fabric.

In our showroom we created a FLOW INSPIRATION CORNER,
where we created a range of products (mattresses, pillows, covers) in a wide variation of color, combining our new ventilation collection with other 3D materials, colored zippers, special designs … .
We created this to inspire our customers and to help thinking further.

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