Happy with Hempy

Hero image for Hempy

Hemp, the strongest textile fiber in the world, has been used extensively throughout history, from rope to fabrics and to industrial materials. Because of the fiber’s versatility, it is increasingly used in a large number of consumer goods. Hempy™ is one of those innovative ways to work with the hemp fiber.


Cannabis has two species, hemp and marijuana. Hempy lends its name from the hemp plant, which does not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive constituent of marijuana). The views on the use of the hemp plant are quickly changing for the better, seeing as the possibilities are endless, not only for the textile market, but also to create a more eco-friendly future.


Cannabis stores are trending; they promote beneficial and soothing hemp balm & oils, cosmetic capsules, dried flowers and hemp textile accessories. Cannabis plants produce twice as much fiber as cotton and use less water and pesticides to grow on infertile ground. This ecological aspect, decreasing the ecological footprint, is without a doubt its strong suit.

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