A flow of fresh air for your dreams. Add a ‘flow’ of fresh air to your mattress concept and keep your sleeping environment healthy clean and fresh.   

Hero image for Flow

Fresh air is one of the basic elements on earth and vital for human beings. We fill our lungs with it more than 25,000 times a day. Flow® offers a range of fabrics with unique ventilating properties:

Specially designed Cambric fabric channels oxygen into the heart of the textile for optimal micro-climate. Its lightness makes the fabric very airy and dry out quickly. Perfect for a sporty and breathable look.
  • ARIA
Aria’s open 3D structure guarantees maximum breathability. Fresh air circulates through your mattress and its core.
Nubes combines the best of both worlds: optimal micro-climate in combination with a 3D structure (increased ventilation). The perfect boost for thermal comfort.

Give your mattress the FLOW® you want. Choose your preferred look and add your logo!

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