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Transparent Circularity

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Transparent Circularity

Every year, millions of mattresses are incinerated or end up in landfill.
Not only is it a growing pile of textile waste that should be reduced for a healthier environment, future regulations on textile waste management will also force the industry to optimize the waste streams at the mattress’ end of life.

Being the industry’s leader, we take our responsibility to come up with a viable plan that goes beyond our own production process. We invite all stakeholders to engage in the journey of Transparent Circularity, the first circular economy project within &Beyond, BekaertDeslee’s sustainability promise.
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Design for disassembly

Our first step towards circularity is the development and design of mattress covers that can be easily disassembled at end of life. This way, we enable mattresses to be truly circular.
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A unique label corresponding to a digital platform

From now on, for participating customers, BekaertDeslee will be producing and selling mattress covers with an integrated and unique QR/RFID label linked to an online digital platform that transparently keeps track of the components’ information during the cover’s life cycle.
Simply reading this unique label with RFID and QR technology will enable the identification of the cover and the sorting of its components in the most efficient way.

An intelligent system
to identify mattresses and enable the sorting and recycling of their 
precious components.
A viable plan
to allow all stakeholders to engage in the circularity journey.
A solution
to optimize the waste streams by end of life.
A true commitment
for a safer and healthier place for future generations.

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A call for circularity

In this holistic approach, we take back our covers at end of life, identify them via the digital platform and let our partners sort and recycle its precious components. This way, the sorted components can be repeatedly reused in new covers.

That’s why we invite you and all the industry’s stakeholders to connect to the digital platform, to reduce the pile of textile waste and make circularity happen together.

Let’s not wait, but let’s connect.

Let’s recycle. Let’s get circular.

Together. Today.

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