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Recycled Polyester Inlay from own post-production waste

The way to less textile waste

Striving to create a circular textile-to-textile industry, BekaertDeslee endeavors to produce mattresses in a more sustainable way. As a first step, we’re calling on recycled polyester from own post-production waste for the composition of inlay yarn. This post-production waste comes from our cut and sew plants and is regenerated in a high-quality
black inlay yarn.
Textile waste is a worldwide problem. Only 15% of textiles are recycled, where all others are incinerated or end up as landfill. BekaertDeslee chooses to do things differently, with the use of recycled polyester from own post-production waste for the creation of inlay yarn. Currently we are offering a fully a fully black inlay yarn with a blend of recycled polyester from textile waste and recycled polyester from PET bottles. The aim is to phase out the amount of polyester coming from PET bottles, we believe a textile to textile recycling is the ideal solution.

The benefits of using our own waste

Using recycled polyester from our own post-production waste comes with a number of benefits. Firstly, we contribute towards a circular economy in the textile industry, a goal that's very important to BekaertDeslee as a whole. Secondly, it helps lower our carbon footprint, helping in reaching our goals towards diminishing our carbon emissions. Thirdly, our recycled polyester yarns help in preventing more waste ending up on landfill or ending up incinerated. Lastly, this yarn is also OEKOTEX and GRS certified. Some great benefits, no?
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