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Discover XCITE® 

The XCITE® mattress textiles have an open-knit structure, optimizing ventilation and comfort. The life of your mattress is extended, without having to boil down on comfort and aesthetics.

In addition to the technical quality of the mattress, the design of the product is becoming a more important element in the modern consumers’ buying decision. Our designers offer you a range of beautiful designs that can be customized to tell the story of your product.

As well as the design, the engineering and manufacturing of our textiles matter to us. We attribute our position of world market leader to our continuous research into new, smart materials and manufacturing techniques. Our engineers work passionately on innovative solutions to improve the quality of your sleep.

What's exciting about XCITE®? 

XCITE® combines a spacer fabric with ventilation areas, together with volume blister areas in one fabric.​ The main properties of this fabric is the combination of a technical look with a soft touch, where the holes in the fabric support its breathability. By not only making it feel smooth, but letting the fabric breathe as well, we take innovation to the next level. We make your mattress spark!

With XCITE®, the design is taken into account as well, focusing on an important element in the consumer's buying decision. XCITE® offers a range of beautiful designs, that can be customized to tell the story of your product. XCITE® is designed for performance. 

XCITE® comes with a third breakthrough as well, in the fact that its so-called zoning ventilation seemlessly combines ventilation and comfort. The alternation of open and bulky zones ensures a perfectly soft, comfortable and ventilating mattress. 

In 2021, a second generation of XCITE® was created, introducing stretch! On demand of our customers, stretch was added to XCITE®, as well as new design options. Another benefit of adding stretch, is an increased washability. Does XCITE® excite you?

XCITE® is an award-winning technology 

In 2019, right after its introduction, XCITE® won a 'Best of the Best Interzum Award' at Interzum, a leading trade fair for furniture production and interior. No wonder XCITE® got a second generation, right?

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