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Discover Vitalize® 

 Infrared is part of the light spectrum and invisible to the human eye. Far Infrared Technology (FIR), which is incorporated into Vitalize®, can help reduce several physical complaints, because the rays reach deep parts of our bodies. The rays, for example, stimulate our metabolism and provide a better blood circulation.

Besides showing benefits for your body, it also improves your sleeping behaviour. Vitalize® textiles have the ability to reflect these Far Infrared Rays back to our bodies, providing several benefits. Another example, one you might have experienced, is that these benefits can be experienced by an Infrared sauna as well, truly helping to feel stimulated and rejuvenated. 

How does Vitalize® work? 

Vitalize® textiles reflect FIR back to the body. In order to do this, Vitalize® makes use of high tech yarn, made from polyester fibers. This type of yarn is embedded with bio-ceramic minerals, in the form of micro-particles. The action of these bio-ceramics makes sure the yarn absorbs our body heat, and in turn reflects it back as Far Infrared Rays.

Normally, about sixty percent of the energy our body generates, goes lost. Vitalize® uses that otherwise lost energy to reflect it back to your body as FIR. We sleep seven to eight hours a night. This long exposure time is ideal to make the best use of FIR. As such, Vitalize® stimulates your body and really makes an impact when it comes to improving your well-being. 

Vitalize® is a tested technology 

Far Infrared Radiation can be tested by the use of certain standards. To test our FIR technology, we used the Chinese standard GB/T 30127-2013. In normal language, this means that our textiles were put to two different tests, for which our product both needs to reach two benchmark to get certified. This standard applies to all types of textile products, including fibers, yarns, fabrics, non-woven fabrics and their products. The tests also set a minimum benchmark on how many bio-ceramics your yarns should contain to pass, proving our textiles really contain our Vitalize® technology. 
Vitalize® also doesn't contain any chemicals and it is a permanent feature, meaning that it stays effective over time and after numerous washings. Vitalize® can, because of this, keep on doing its work and keep on improving your sleeping behaviour and well-being!
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