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CBD oil is a popular natural sleep aid, and is produced out of Cannabidiol (CBD), which in itself is found in hemp. In contrary to popular belief, CBD extracted from hemp has no psychoactive properties. CBD might often be confused with THC, the component extracted from hemp which gives a person the feeling of being high. Our CBD microcapsules contain no trace of THC, so they won't induce the very effects of it.  

CBD oil can function as a beneficial sleep aid. We offer this trending CBD concentrate on our mattress fabrics, because it has the benefits of tackling insomnia, as well as relieving stress. Other benefits are pain relief and memory improvement.  

We always recommend, however, that people familiarize themselves with local laws and regulations before acquiring and using CBD. 

How does CBD work? 

Our CBD technology is a finishing based on encapsulated Cannabidiol (CBD). Our microcapsules contain pure CBD concentrate, which appears as a white, viscous liquid. However, it does not smell and has no visible impact on our fabrics. 

In order to test what is possible with CBD, we have tested this during trials with various concentrations, while checking a whole range of technical parameters. Depending on the level of concentration on the textiles, reports showed that CBD treatment is able to enter the skin, ensuring successful effects. This is most ideal during a full night's sleep. 
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