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You quietly take in the environment. You are selfless and understand the strength of words more than others. You think about your words before you let them out into the world. You always let others speak first. You’re a listener more than a talker. But when you say something it always makes perfect sense. You’re comfortable being a little invisible sometimes, it makes you feel safe. You’re Tranquil, soft and pure. You make people feel at ease, they feel like they can tell you anything. You enjoy simple, pure and quiet moments. Moments where you can go ahead and indulge in a good book. These quiet moments when your mind goes astray give you the energy to face this hectic world.

Light colors and minimalistic shapes are what you’re drawn to the most, because they signify serenity and have something unfussed about them. Airy and cool, breezy even.

TRANQUIL is represented by hues of white and grey. Soft colors that signify the softness of this identity. Pure and simple designs are mixed with small patterns and structures from nature such as wood and linen. Those textures can be traced back to the wrinkles, creases and unevenness of the fabrics we worked with. Bulkiness and dimension is added to give the feeling of comfort and coziness. This style is all about going back to the basics. Back to the natural and simple styles.
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