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You pay attention to detail and some might even say there’s an air of mystery about you. You’re a classic figure, elegant and fearless at the same time. You have a refined taste that stretches from the way you dress to the way you behave yourself. You are not afraid to let your guard down, but always keep in mind that not everyone should know everything about you. You are graceful and, when in good company, dauntless.

Our Noble style represents that mystery and fearlessness by using darker shades combined with a touch of gold or copper. Warm brown shades are highlighted with copper and orange, while gold and warm yellow accompany the dark blue color. The elegance of this identity is represented in the refined and detailed structures while marble, stone and wood shades show the more natural side, worn with age and flame stitched, they signify the pureness of this identity, the wisdom that is presumed.
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