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Charming is what first comes to mind when thinking of this character. You can be flirtatious if you want to be. You’re a delicate person, with just enough spice to make yourself stand out. You’re a caretaker and feel most at ease when everything is unfussed and cozy. You like taking care of people. Maybe you already have a perfect idea of what you want your life to look like. Maybe it involves a big happy family, cozying up on the couch together all snug and warm, enjoying peaceful family walks to the lake that surrounds your house. You feel most at ease, most like yourself when surrounded by those you love. Bringing nature and family together are what makes your soul happy.

Our Dainty collection is represented by pastel tones, hues of green, blue and pink and highlights of lime for just that touch of spice. Our designs we trace back to romantic summer evenings spent in the garden, when everything is in bloom and the evening sun creates shimmer and tenderness. By using natural yarns and finishes like hemp, cotton, silk and bamboo, we create an atmosphere of serenity, while our structured and stylized patterns give it a fresh look.
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