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Recharged Adventures

We had a wake-up call. We need to start living differently. We can’t go back to the way it was. But is that a problem? Look at it this way: what have you learned about yourself and your environment this past year? Anything come to mind? Good, now get out there!

Right now, it’s time to get back out of your shell. Start exploring again, maybe go on a little trip, to a fancy hotel or maybe you’re more of a camping kind of person. That’s all totally fi ne. As long as you start living again. Reflect on what you have learned in the past and use it to your advantage in the future. It’s okay to look back at the past. But don’t forget: what’s in the past is in the past. It happened; you can’t change anything about it.

What’s important is to take all of that energy, all of those memories with you into the future. Learn from your mistakes, remember what you said to yourself, the promises you made and hold yourself to them.
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