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PFAS Free Water Repellent

Discover PFAS Free Water Repellent

BekaertDeslee developed the first generation of responsible and innovative water repellent finishing, our PFAS Free Water Repellent. Responsible, because we diminish the environmental impact by leaving out substances that harm the environment. Innovative, because we are among the first to do it. This new technology is completely fluor free. It is a non-harmful alternative because it does not feature substances including fluor compounds. That way, both the environment and the people living in it benefit from leading the way to a PFAS-free world.

PFAS Free, what does it mean?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS in short, is the name for a group containing more than six thousand different substances. In combination with other things, fluorine compounds are very common in these substances. PFAS is used in a wide array of different household objects, like packaging, clothing, and more. 
Fluorine, especially, is an extremely well-working water repellent, but not a necessary compound. That's why BekaertDeslee introduced its PFAS Free Water Repellent. Leading the way to a PFAS-free world is our way of showing that we innovate in a responsible way, with care for whomever uses our products. 
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